25 07 2010


The florescence of multimedia use has been influencing language teaching and learning field. Picking up the right material is becoming important since there are many kinds of multi media materials for teaching we can find. One kind that is essential to review is the use of ready-made computerized language learning program. In reviewing the programs which is usually called Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) program, we should consider some points. Hartoyo (2008: 90-91) states that in designing and evaluating CALL program, five basic principles should be considered: interactivity, usability, content appropriateness, effectiveness and performance.

1.  Interactivity (feedback and instruction)

Interactivity refers to how the program can stimulate interaction, especially interaction between the computer and the user. It includes the effectiveness of the instructions and feedback provided in the program.

2.  Usability (Flexibility)

Usability (Flexibility) refers to the flexibility, ease and inherent interest of the program used, and how far the material meets the student’s need.

3.  Content Appropriateness

Content Appropriateness is concerned with the amount of material presented in the program, how easily the material is learned and understood, and how far the material meets the student’s need.

4.  Effectiveness

Effectiveness refers to how effectively the program assists language learners to improve their mastery of grammar.

5.  Performance (Attractiveness)

Performance (Attractiveness) refers to the presentation, lay out of the screen, the color, and the illustrations (picture, diagram, charts, etc) used in the program.

The following is the REVIEW of ready-made computerized language learning program:

I.  The Review of Vocabulary CD

1.  Interactivity

What makes the program interactive is concept, which is designed as a game. It responds the learner answer directly with the result and gives the other opportunity to answer with different choice.

2.  Usability

Since the concept of the program is a game, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The little weakness found is that the learner can not adjust the speed so that they can match their level.

3.  Content Appropriateness

The student of Elementary School can use this program to improve their vocabulary since the content of the program is suitable for them.

4.  Effectiveness

The program is effective enough to improve learners’ vocabulary, but it cannot effectively develop learners’ grammar competence.

5.  Performance (Attractiveness)

The colorful layout and different pattern of games make the program attractive.

II.  The Review of English Word CD

1.  Interactivity

The concept of the programs is pretty much the same as the vocabulary program, so it is very interactive for the learners who are using this program. The response is quick and clearly giving the other choices of learners’ incorrect answer.

2.  Usability

The instructions are easy to follow by learners since the descriptions are very simple.

3.  Content Appropriateness

Various themes of this program give the learners choices to adjust with their reeds. The range of variations should be for the Learners of level of Elementary school.

4.  Effectiveness

This program is pretty effective to increase the vocabulary and the pronunciation of the learners, out it can hardly develop their grammar competence.

5.  Performance (Attractiveness)

With nice lay out and variation of format of games, this program should be very attractive.

III.  The Review of Learn English (Beginners) CD

1.  Interactivity

The program is pretty interactive since the learners get the response soon after they give their answer to the questions.

2.  Usability

It is easy to use this program, because it gives clear and simple instructions for the learners who are using it. With the easy understandable menu and choices, this program will give no difficulty to use.

3.  Content Appropriateness

Given topic choices such as, numbers, body, phrases, color, food first words, time, country and shopping one appropriate for the students of elementary and junior high school. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t provide more topics, such as, giving directions, describing personality, destroy houses, etc, so this limitation can be the weakness of the program.

4.  Effectiveness

This program, is very effective are it provides the learners opportunity with learning steps, pronunciation practice, and games.

5.  Performance (Attractiveness)

With its lay out and real pictures, this program should be very attractive.


To improve and develop the student’s skill in learning English, teacher can use computer as a modern and sophisticated equipment. There are a lot of various programs that can be used to assist the learning and teaching process. In fact, the programs have some strengths and weaknesses as well. As a consequence teacher should be able to carefully choose the right programs to help the learning.




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